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The Biodegradable Bag Company Ltd.

We believe that we can all make a small change to protect our planet when we use degradable packaging.

“We all know by now, that polythene bags can take hundreds of years to degrade, that our landfill sites are overflowing and that our environment needs our help.

Here, at the Biodegradable Bag Company, we have faith that by working with our customers we can try and address these concerns. We manufacture and supply all types of packaging in biodegradable, compostable material. Our biodegradable bags are of beautiful quality, strong yet degradable, the perfect polythene bag.

Dispose of your bag, after use, in the normal way and it will degrade in months, rather than years. It’s easy. Switch to degradable packaging. A small, but significant, simple step. Call us on 01274 660786 for a quote, or email our customer services team

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A pioneering response to our environmental concerns

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Our commitment to biodegradable packaging is reflected in our prices.