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biodegradable bags

Information about degradable packaging

The Global Bag:

Over packaging of our products and not disposing of waste properly is a global phenomenon. Countries around the world are addressing this in various ways. Bangladesh has banned plastic bags and switched to jute. Ireland has introduced a plastic bag tax. France has decided that by 2010 all polythene bags must be degradable. Here in the UK, consumers themselves are switching to more responsible ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. At the Biodegradable Company, we believe that taking a small step like switching to biodegradable packaging can have far reaching consequences.

The paper bag V polythene bag:

Contrary to what many people might think, the paper bag is actually more damaging to our environment than the much maligned polythene bag. The paper bag uses trees, more energy, more storage, more transport and produces higher CO2 emissions.

The biodegradable or degradable polythene bag:

Degradable polythene is undergoing great change, constantly developing, becoming even more sophisticated and we believe that degradable material is the packaging of the future. There are many types of degradable bags, different manufacturers use different raw materials: corn starch, wheat starch, potato starch, pea starch, polylactic acid, polyester, bionolle, plant oils, sugars, a blend of degradable polymers and so on. Some bags are compositible, some are recycled, some go into landfill sites. The degradation process can be inbuilt into the material with a timeclock or triggered by light, heat, moisture or burial.

compostable bags

The Biodegradable Bag From The Biodegradable Bag Company:

Bags can be recycled or reused without degrading until you dispose of them. Bags can have an inbuilt time clock which accelerates the oxidisation process. Bags are compostable and bags can go into landfill sites without harming any living organisms. Bags degrade leaving nothing but water and oxygen.