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printing biodegradable bags


Over 25 years experience and an award winning background means we can now manufacture your polythene bags and sheeting in biodegradable polythene material. Our biodegradable bags are far superior in quality and design than most polythene bags on the market currently.


All our polythene waste is recycled. No plastic or polythene is wasted. If it can be recycled it will be. Some customers prefer to use recycled polythene material. It is cheaper than standard polythene and it is real recycling at work. Perhaps you need a box liner bag, you know that the customer will not see the box as it is kept in stores, the box needs to be kept open for easy access and handling but the products it holds need to be kept dust free… this is an ideal opportunity to use recycled polythene - it will protect your product and keep costs down.

biodegradable bag printing machine

As biodegradable specialists, we can manufacture biodegradable polythene bags from polythene that has already been recycled id that is your wish. Therefore, your polythene is recycled and degradable.

All polythene, of any size, gauge or quantity can be manufactured from recycled polythene material, if that is what you require.

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