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biodegradable waste bags


Question 1: Do you have one of the following or something similar?

Office waste bin?
A seagrass bin?
A Brabantia bin?
A Bathroom Bin?
An Office Bin?
A Wheelie Bin?

Question 2: Do you line your bin with a polythene or plastic bag?

degradable waste bags

Question 3: Would you use a degradable polythene bag in your bin, manufactured in the UK and delivered to your door if it was cost effective?

We manufacture and supply degradable bags for office bins, dustbins, wheelie bins and an enormous range of black refuse bags for commercial, office and domestic use.

You give us the size and dimension of your bin and we provide 12 months supply of degradable polythene liners for your bins.

Our biodegradable bags can be manufactured in degradable material or by using our own recycled base material, depending on what you require. 90% of our processed waste is recycled. We are inventive with our recycling programme because we only recycle our own polythene so we can identify material blends and composition and using this knowledge, we can produce a biodegradable bag from material that has already been recycled.

Everything should be recycled, where possible - thatís our company policy. So, we take recycling seriously at our production plant, delivery vehicles can use bio-diesel, cardboard boxes and pallets can be recycled- not just policy but everyday practice.

Let us help you, call us on 01274 660786 for a quote, or email our customer services team