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biodegradable food bag


Organic food, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices needs to be partnered with the ‘organic’ polythene bag. This polythene bag will degrade after use and help our environmental mission to share the earth responsibly.

The degradable bag is fair trade, organic, degradable and we feel it should be the bag of choice for the organic industry. We sincerely believe that the degradable polythene bag is far better for the environment than the paper bag.

The biodegradable bag we manufacture has been used as agricultural mulch film for more than 20 years. It biodegrades without harming living creatures, micro-organisms or the environmental balance.

degradable fruit & vegetable bag ready to be printed

We’ve been converted to the organic food campaign and we are also passionately committed to biodegradable packaging which we believe is a small step that will lead to a big change. In our humble opinion, we can see no reason why we shouldn’t all be using biodegradable packaging. It’s pioneering, progressive, packaging.

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