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biodegradable pet waste bag - The Deggie


900 tonnes of dog excrement is produced in Britain DAILY (defra) - a staggering figure. If a plastic bag is used for picking up poo, it is often the wrong kind of bag, creating more of a waste problem. Is this why more and more responsible dog owners are searching for an environmentally friendly pet poo bag? But, which biodegradable pet poo bag is the cheapest? does the job & isnít shipped across the world?

Itís the DEGGIE, a degradable dog poo bag, made in the UK.

Itís already environmentally friendly because there are no unnecessary air miles, ship and sea miles. We are in Yorkshire, dramatically cutting carbon footprints. Our ĎDEGGIEí is scented + tie handles for easy knot, seal, dispose + 100% degradable +recyclable + cheap. We are cost-effective because we manufacture. Our customers receive a 12 month supply of degradable bags delivered to the door.

Biodegradable and degradable dog poo bags do not cost the earth.

By switching to a biodegradable, degradable, compostable or recyclable dog poo bag to scoop up poop, you are not only taking care of your dog waste but helping your companion and your environment. Buying the biodegradable poop scoop bags is a small but significant step in reducing waste and energy.

How to order

Call us 01274 660786 or email customer services team... enjoy your walk with your companion