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standard biodegradable polythene bags



Over 25 years experience and an award winning background means we can now manufacture your polythene bags and sheeting in biodegradable polythene material. Our biodegradable bag is far superior in quality and design than most polythene bags on the market currently.


From organic seeds to Xmas trees we manufacture all sizes and types of polythene bags in biodegradable material. Standard sizes of all polythene bags are in stock and can be despatched on the same day you place an order. We specialise in carrier bags, greeting card bags and waste bags – all made in the UK.

We are flexible packaging specialists and can also produce your bags in standard polythene, polypropylene, recycled or degradable material, depending on your usage and requirements.

biodegradable polythene bags production unit

What we don’t do...
We do not source and buy from other countries, we do not employ merchants, we do not ship in containers from the Far East.

What we do do...
We manufacture here in the UK and support UK retail and industry with packaging solutions. Support us and support UK manufacturing. We ourselves, support local suppliers and are committed to UK manufacturing so we will always give you a competitive quote.

Let us help you, call us on 01274 660786 for a quote, or email our customer services team