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Leeds Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 8EX
standard degradable bags

Standard Compostable Bag

Just what every shop owner needs - A fully branded bag that degrades after use. Or take a plain compostable bag if you prefer (Available in a variety of colours).

degradable carrier bag

Carrier Bag

A high quality carrier bag with a choice of handle designs, sizes and colours. Supply us with your logo and we'll brand the bag up for you.

compostable bags for waste

Waste / Refuse Bag

We manufacture and supply degradable bags for office bins, dustbins, wheelie bins and an enormous range of black refuse bags for commercial, office and domestic use.

compostable bag for linen packaging

Linen Bag

We manufacture and supply major retailers with polythene and polypropylene bags for textiles – from mattress covers to duvet sets, pillow bags to tea towels, t-shirts to trousers.

organic plastic bags for food storage

Organic / Food Bag

Organic food, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices needs to be partnered with the ‘organic’ polythene bag. This polythene bag will degrade after use and help our environmental mission to share the earth responsibly.

biodegradable pet waste bag - The Deggie

Pet Bag

A biodegradable bag for pet waste. Instead of creating a mountain of plastic bags filled with a biodegradable marterial, why not have degradable packaging as well?

polythene mailer replacement made from biodegradable material

Polythene Mailer

Biodegradable polythene mailers are lightweight, waterproof, strong and durable. Unlike paper parcels and Jiffy style bags that are bulky and take up substantially more storage, the polythene mailer is thinner, more flexible and significantly lighter.

composatable, degradable and biodegradable bespoke bags

Bespoke Bag

Does your polythene bag need to be stronger, lighter or tamperproof? Does your polythene bag need special print, seal or instruction? Does your polythene bag need to be high quality and high finish? Whatever your needs, whatever your problem, we have the packaging solution.

recycled biodegradable packaging

Recycled bag

Some customers prefer to use recycled polythene material. It is cheaper than standard polythene and it is real recycling at work. As biodegradable specialists, we can manufacture biodegradable polythene bags from polythene that has already been recycled.

send a bag sample and we'll quote for biodegradable packaging

Send A Sample

Our same day sample service makes packaging easy. You send us a sample and our lab takes a detailed spec so we can give you an accurate quote. We will return your sample the same day and send you a quote in writing by email or fax.