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We manufacture waste bags, refuse and rubbish sacks here, in our Yorkshire based factory.

The range of waste bags for waste collection gives you a choice of material. Standard waste sacks, biodegradable bin bags, recycled garbage bags or compostable garden waste bags made in different colours. 

The waste sacks and rubbish bags range includes small dog poo waste bags and nappy sacks to large heavy-duty builder’s rubble bags. The strength varies for waste collection and disposal.

A choice of colour coded waste bags allows separation of waste collection for recycling. Yellow sacks, red bags, black bin liners or clear transparent rubbish bags to see contents. The refuse bags and rubbish bin bags are wide ranging. Therefore, bin liners50l or wheelie bin liners 240l for example provide a selection of sizes for your council or private waste. The yard waste bags and garden waste bags can be as thick as required for the weight of your rubbish in refuse sacks. Popular colours include black bin liners, green garden waste bags and clear yard storage bags. 

Biodegradable refuse sacks can be an eco-friendlier option for waste bags and refuse sacks too. Various different material choices for your bin rubbish bags include biodegradable poly bags, degradable plastic bags and compostable starch bags.  

A popular choice for bin bags, bin liners, rubbish bags and waste refuse bags are recycled polythene waste bags. Raw material being reused and recycled turns into reusable, recycled waste bags.  Instead of bin bags going into disposal, they have a new life in a recycling bag process. Recycled polythene plastic bags can be thicker because of a blend of materials. Therefore, if storing car tyres or mattresses there is a bag option. Recycled plastic or recycled polythene can also be recycled again and extends the life of the bag.